Corporate/Marketing Writing and Consulting



Who I am

I am a marketing and corporate communications writer and consultant with over two decades of experience across all industry sectors.

What I do

I help you sell your products and services to your customers through the power of words.

Where I do it

I work with marketing, public relations and design agencies; internal marketing and training departments; and independent businesses across the GTA and Canada.

Why I do it

I love helping to bring to life your vision for your brand, and making your brand's products and services stand out. I'm as personally invested in the success of your brand as you are.

How I do it

I ask questions that get to the heart of the matter, listen to what you tell me, then aim to nail your message the first time. I collaborate with key partners to develop the communication strategy and fresh creative that delivers your brand's core messages and values to your target audiences.

About me

From an early age I was encouraged by family and teachers to do what I loved - write. Grammar was drilled into us mercilessly at school. In hindsight, that wasn't a bad thing. After receiving a B.A. with Honors in English at Stanford University and an M.S. Communications at Boston University, where I specialized in film, I began my writing career. My focus originally was film and video script writing. Later I branched out into every area of corporate and marketing writing... and have never looked back. It's been a highly rewarding journey.

"Lois has done a fantastic job writing web content as well as various marketing materials for us. She is a pleasure to work with and has a remarkable ability to adapt her writing style to appeal to different target audiences and market segments."

-Jennifer Currie, Marketing Imagineer, Divine Flooring

"I recently worked with Lois on a series of video scripts for an awards gala. I approached her with the project and warned her that it was a very quick timeline as we would be getting the content just a few days before we needed to see a first draft of all 12 scripts. She did not hesitate and got right to work. The outcome was beyond my expectations with well thought out scripts laid out in a visually easy to understand way. She also assisted with the on-screen text and was extremely responsive during the review process. I wouldn't hesitate to use Lois again and will certainly be recommending her to my network."

-Vanessa Holding, Executive Producer & Co-Owner of Arc + Crown Media

"I have worked with Lois for many years. At times we were the dynamic duo on various projects - creative and production. In that time, Lois wrote and developed fabulous creative and I executed them. Each time, it was fun, energetic an all round great experience! I really enjoyed working with Lois, and it's easy to see why! I imagine that Lois has the same great working relationship with everyone she works with!"

-Nick Tyrovolas, Sr. Executive Producer at Audience Communication Inc.